Day 23, August 5, 2009.

At the Moonlight Cinema on the Upper West Side, on what will henceforth be known as The Night of Cheese.

We ate a lot of the good stuff and the movie was cheesy as well, in keeping with the theme. It featured lines such as: 'The frontier is no place for a woman' and multiple battle scenes with 'Indians' (actually chubby white guys painted orange) whooping and being wantonly destructive. Hilariously offensive on many levels, but it was made in the thirties, the weather was lovely, so who could complain? Not this woman (who doesn't belong on the frontier).

Good cheese night indeed.


  1. love love love this dress! why have i never seen it before? and sad that the challenge means it is unlikely i will see it again for 80 odd days :(

  2. Thank you! I thought you might - it's from the Phils! It's actually a top and a skirt, so will reappear, I got it from a vintage shop and I love it too!